Having a VW as a workplace comes with a lot of benefits: A comfortable seat, state of the art entertainment system and safety and assistant technology, and perhaps most important of all – you get to drive all day. We wanted to show procurement directors and decision makers of companies big and small what our cars had to offer, but in a way that was better suited to their day to day job.

And so, Das Chair was born. An office chair designed to recreate the feeling of working in a Volkswagen for those who aren’t lucky enough to drive one for work.

The chair was a vehicle (pun intended) to talk about all the benefits of driving a Volkswagen
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Keep your boss at a distance
The office can be a dangerous place, with bosses and colleagues constantly sneaking up on you. With Office Assistance like a rear-view camera and 360° sensors, you’re fully aware of all threats and potential disturbances. If you’re more concerned about safety in traffic, check out all our Driver Assist Systems at 
Efficient through the office landscape
With an estimated range of 12 km you can breeze to and from the coffee machine and meetings throughout the day. And with a top speed of 20 km/h you’re guaranteed to be first in line for lunch.
Cargo in the office
The chair as a practical trunk in the back with 0,005 m3 of space. Perfect for things like a laptop, quarterly reports, and other documents we assume are relevant to an office job. If you’re hauling more documents than the trunk can handle, the trailer hitch enables you to drag them all around the office with ease. Want room for even more stuff? Volkswagen Crafter has a storage compartment of up to18,4 m3. 

Rest your arms and play some tunes while you’re at it. 
The entertainment system is pre-loaded with road trip songs. 
Brighten up your workday
The LED lights is the main feature of the chair’s exterior, and gives you the recognizable VW-look. With the headlights you can brighten even your darkest overtime evening, and if an office party suddenly breaks out, you’ll quickly be the center of attention and create a very, very cool vibe with the chair’s Office Party Lights. Despite the lights, the chair is not approved for the road. For that sort of use, we’d recommend you take a look at I.D Buzz Cargo, some would even say its lights are even cooler. 
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